Nutrition Programs for North Shore Elders

Nutrition Programs for North Shore EldersWhile good nutrition is important at any stage in life, it is exceptionally so for aging men and women. A balance of carbohydrates, protein, and good fats are necessary for older adults to stay as strong and healthy as possible. However, the ability to obtain quality and satisfying nutrition is affected when an older adult is unable to prepare a meal, or simply does not desire to prepare and eat a meal alone.

What Nutrients Are the Most Important for Seniors?

NutrientsWhile caloric intake is critical for maintaining energy for older individuals, getting the proper nutrients within those calories is also very important. Empty calories, like those from processed foods like chips and cookies, will not provide enough nutrition for long lasting energy. Commercially processed frozen dinners contain a high amount of sodium and very few nutrients as well.

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for good bone health, and fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system. Vitamin C boosts immunity, which is important for older individuals who may be struggling with a variety of health problems, and Vitamins A and B12 also play a critical role in supporting health while aging.

Meeting the nutritional needs of the older adult population goes far beyond simply ensuring that they eat enough calories to get them through the day. Ensuring that seniors have the proper nutrients to stay healthy and feel their best is key.

How Can North Shore Elder Services Help?

Fruits for NutrientsNorth Shore Elder Services provides home delivered, healthy meals to older residents who are over the age of 60, who are homebound, and who are unable to prepare their own meals.

We also offer Senior Dining at numerous locations throughout North Shore for those who are able to leave their home and wish to enjoy a hot, delicious meal with good company. These lunches are served at all of the following locations, however voluntary donations are welcome and provide valuable support to the program. The suggested amount is $2.25 per meal.

You can view and download our monthly menu for each location here, and our monthly menu for home delivered meals.






Middleton Senior Center

38 Maple Street

Middleton, MA



Marblehead Council on Aging

10 Humphrey Street

Marblehead, MA



Salem Council on Aging

5 Broad Street

Salem, MA



Danvers Council on Aging

25 Stone Street

Danvers, MA


In order for each location to be able to accommodate the dining needs of all who wish to attend, reservations must be made in advance by contacting your local council on aging.

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These services are free and available to individuals, families, and caregivers in our area. There are no income guidelines or age restrictions for these programs.

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