Options Advising & Family Caregiver Support Programs

Choosing the right kind of care for you or a loved one can be a difficult choice. There are numerous options out there, and what the best one is for you and your family depends on many factors, including your unique condition(s), affordability, and availability. North Shore Elder Services provides comprehensive options advising and caregiver support in order to help the area’s older adults and their caregivers to make informed, empowered decisions.

What Is the Goal of the Options Advising & Caregiver Support Program?

North Shore Elder Services strives to provide older adults and caregivers with critical information regarding the services that may be available to them. We also provide support for individuals who are making important decisions that have the power to drastically change a family’s way of life.

We provide the following services:

  • Home support
  • Community based support
  • Resources to help make paying for care cost-effective and affordable
  • Referrals to other providers
  • Connections with other community resources

By working closely with seniors and caregivers in need of support, we are able to provide comprehensive care and services that help make critical decisions more manageable for families.

What is Options Counseling and How Can It Help?

Knowing what options are available to you and your family at difficult points in your loved one’s life isn’t always easy. North Shore Elder Services provides individuals and caregivers with options counseling at any time. Our compassionate and educated counselors are able to meet with you at home, the hospital, a nursing facility, an assisted living facility, or even a community site to speak with you. You do not have to meet any income guidelines or be of a certain age to meet with our Options Counselors. 

Family Caregiver Services

Caring for a loved one can often be difficult and frustrating. Many families may not know where to turn or how to ask for help.

Family Caregiver Services at North Shore Elder Services empowers caregivers and seniors by providing information, education, support, and services – often at no cost – to help alleviate stress and improve the quality of life for the entire family.

Family Caregiver Services are available for those who care for:

  • An adult aged 60 years or older
  • An adult of any age with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory disorder

And to persons, 55 or older, who care for:

  • A disabled individual of any age
  • A child 18 years or younger


Available Family Caregiver Services

Our caring specialists are ready to help you with:

  • One-on-One Assistance to assess needs, identify options, and provide referrals to community-based service providers.
  • Training and Support Services such as stress management, behavior management, access to educational presentations, and caregiver support groups.  Click here for more information on our support groups.
  • Information about community resources and local programs.
  • Advice to families free of charge in their own homes or at their workplace.


Caregivers Connect

As part of North Shore Elder Services’ outreach to our elders and their families, we publish a monthly “Caregivers Connect” blog and distribute in our Shoreline E-Newsletter and as a handout to our support group participants.  Included in this information piece are additional resources to various websites and links related to the topic at hand.  You can find these monthly articles at:

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These services are free and available to individuals, families, and caregivers in our area. There are no income guidelines or age restrictions for these programs.

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