Practical Matters Program

Practical Matters is a private pay program available to consumers and/or their families. This is a Case Management program designed for family members who are trying to do it all but are challenged due to distance or personal responsibilities.

Deborah Colbert is the Practical Matters Program Manager. She is a registered nurse, a Care Manager certified (CMC) by National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM), and an Aging Life Care Advanced Professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Practical Matters provide to consumers or to their families?

The program offers in home assessment, medical advocacy, individualized care plans, support for caregivers, crisis intervention, assistance with relocation, and access to other resources as needed. This program can provide complete over-sight and management of a consumer’s care if necessary or can provide the tools to someone to manage on their own. The choice of how much care is desired or needed is that of the consumer and/or family. Since it is a private pay service, it can be on an as needed basis and does not have to fit any specific schedule, other than what the consumer wants.

Who can benefit from this program?

Practical Matters will benefit the person who has multiple medical or psychological issues and is struggling to live safely in their current environment. It also helps the person who requires medical advocacy and education and may have limited family support.

For the family who would enroll in the program, it can be an ideal situation for the long distance caregiver or for the person who has limited time and/or expertise in dealing with the chronic needs of an individual. If a family member is becoming “burned out,” the Aging Life Care Specialist can be the help one needs.

When someone is enrolled in Practical Matters, they have access to an on-call care manager 24hour/7days a week.

Are there eligibility guidelines?

The program is for anyone over the age of 18. It is a private pay program so there are no income guidelines. The consumer will need the resources to pay for the services received.

We are able to serve those outside of our catchment area and you do not need to be receiving any other services from North Shore Elder Services.

What is the referral process?

Anyone can make a referral to the program. All referrals will first go through our Information and Referral (I&R) department. From I&R, the referral will be passed on to Kathy Perrella, our Options Program and Caregiver Support Manager. Kathy will contact the consumer to go over all possible options for care. If Practical Matters is the best option to providing the needed assistance, the referral will then go to Deb Colbert, R.N.

What are the steps that will occur if someone is interested in enrolling in Practical Matters?

Deb Colbert, R.N. will contact the consumer to set up a complimentary in-home consultation. At this meeting, the goals of the consumer will be discussed as well as how the program can best meet those goals. The details of finances are discussed at that time. There is a deposit required initially from which monthly payments are drawn as services are rendered. The consumer will sign a contract with North Shore Elder Services. Once the consumer has determined that they would like the assistance Practical Matters can provide, an appointment for a thorough assessment and development of the care plan will be scheduled. North Shore Elder Services will send a monthly bill unless someone wants to be billed more often. The monthly charge is dependent on the number of contracted hours the consumer has chosen.