Options Counseling Program

We understand that when it comes to navigating the many paths of elder care services, it can be confusing and difficult. You want to have all the options available so that you can make the best decision about the kind of care you want for yourself or for a family member.

North Shore Elder Services will provide comprehensive advising and support to help those older adults and caregivers make informed decisions. We do this through our Options Advising/Counseling program.  Our goal is to present you with all of the resources and information that may be available.  We will support those making the decisions. We will empower those involved to advocate for themselves or for their care recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Options Counseling/Advising?

The focus of the Options Counseling program is on the individual. The Options program is a short-term service.  The purpose of the program is to offer options, information and resources to individuals and/or families to help make decisions with current needs or future planning.  For example, we can offer options regarding nursing homes and rehab facilities or options about at- home services, such as personal care, transportation, and medication management.

Kathy Perrella, Options Program Manager

What is the referral process to receiving services of Options Counseling/Advising?

Referrals are made by contacting the Information Services Department at NSES.

Who is eligible for Options Counseling/Advising?

Adults of any age are eligible for this service. There are no income, or need restrictions or fees for this service.

Where do Options Counseling/Advising meetings occur?

Options services can be provided by phone, e-mail or in person.

What kinds of services can an Advisor provide?

We offer decision support services. These services are available to people living in the community or residents in long-term care facilities.  Individuals or family members can access these services.

What kinds of concerns or questions do people typically have when they are seeking Options advice?

Typically, resources are given to individuals who are interested in remaining in their own home or are interested in returning to the community from a nursing home. The options program also works with family members who are interested in future planning for their loved one.

Is there a limit to how many options advising sessions that one can participate in?

The sessions are individualized according to need.

Can you describe what a typical first meeting with an Options Advisor consists of?

A typical first meeting with an Options Advisor would involve a discussion around the person’s current needs and goals. Support from family, financial resources and special circumstances would be explored during this conversation. The Options advisor would help the consumer develop a plan of action based on these conversations.

Who are the Options Advisors?

The Options advisors at NSES are experienced licensed social workers and registered nurses who have completed the EOEA (Executive Office of Elder Affairs) Options Counseling certification. All Options Advisors continue to maintain this certification through ongoing trainings.

Call NSES at 978-750-4540. We can help you and your family through these crucial turning-point decisions with Options Counseling.