Senior Services Leadership Message

Forty years ago, North Shore Elder Services began to provide services intended to “make life easier” for North Shore’s older adults, their families, and their caregivers. Assistance was provided to meet basic daily living needs such as meal preparation, laundry, shopping, and housekeeping. Today, while we still help in this way, our professional social workers, nurses, and program specialists do so much more to help elders remain in their homes for as long as possible in spite of increasingly complex health and social support needs.

We are very pleased to offer a comprehensive array of person-centered services as described on these pages. We do so, following these principles:

  • Choice: A consumer’s personal circumstances and choices are the foundation on each service plan.
  • Family involvement: The role and involvement of family members, friends, and other social connections are reinforced and supported.
  • Quality: Service agencies are selected using high standards and service provision is closely monitored by professional social workers and nurses.
  • Integration of health and social services: We recognize that optimal well-being requires effective provision and coordination of medical as well as social and functional support services.
  • Prevention: Many acute medical issues as well as complications of chronic health conditions can be minimized or avoided entirely by education, monitoring, and following heathy life style practices.
  • Technology: Utilization of advances in technology enhances and extends effective service delivery, but does not substitute for personalized services.
  • Professional standards: Staff are hired who met high standards. Their skills are maintained and enhanced through extensive ongoing professional educational programming.

I am confident that we, at North Shore Elder Services, will provide services, support, and information that are timely, accurate, and meaningful.

Please contact me directly at any time with your comments, questions, or concerns.


Paul J. Lanzikos
Executive Director
978 624 2245