NSES Executive Director Paul Lanzikos with Senator Joan Lovely, Legislator of the Year 2018

Senator Joan Lovely Named Legislator of the Year as Nominated by NSES

Senator Joan Lovely, Second Essex Division, was named Legislator of the Year by the Caring Force Providers Council as nominated by North Shore Elder Services (NSES). The Senator was honored at the Provider’s Council 43rd Annual Convention & Expo, RISE, on September 20.

Senator Lovely has been an active supporter and advocate for the work of NSES for over twenty years, initially in her capacity as City Councilor in the city of Salem, and since 2013, as a MA State Senator.

As a Salem City Councilor, Joan was actively involved with the oversight and promotion of services offered through the Salem Council on Aging and in the Senior Center as Liaison from the City Council. She co-lead the Salem Senior Study Committee examining the need for a new center which was followed up by her leadership on the Design Committee for the new center. Currently in her third term in the Massachusetts Senate, Senator Lovely serves in Leadership as Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and means. In addition, Senator Lovely serves as Chair of the Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities; and Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight, which she chaired in her second term, overseeing the Commonwealth’s first Public Records reform in over 30 years. Senator Lovely also serves as a member on the Joint Committees on Public Health; Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy; and Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development.

Senator Lovely has personally served as pro bono guardian for elder “unfriended” persons at the request of NSES Protective Services Program. She also has co-convened and leads a public policy working group composed of area legislators, advocates, and service providers studying the need for supportive decision-making services for individuals with compromised executive functioning as well as other innovative and non-intrusive practices.

The Caring Force is the grassroots advocacy initiative of the Providers’ Council. The Caring Force seeks to empower those who care about the human services sector to advance an agenda that creates an environment in Massachusetts that protects our most vulnerable neighbors and creates a stronger economy with the pay, recognition, and respect our workers deserve.

Congratulations to Senator Joan Lovely in this well-deserved Award of Excellence.

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Jayne Girodat

Jayne Girodat is the Communications Specialist at North Shore Elder Services. Along with ten years in the position of Caregiver Support Specialist at another ASAP, Jayne was a long-distance caregiver to parents for the same amount of time. That experience serves as motivation to better understand the issues of aging and to engage people in conversations about those issues. Jayne's background in teaching contributes to her appreciation of social media as a tool to educate readers on aging concerns. "I love asking people questions. Everyone likes to be heard. When you ask and then listen, you'll find everyone has a story and some of those stories are gems. I think it is particularly important to hear the voices of our older adults. Those are the stories I really connect to and hope to bring to North Shore Elder Services' audience."

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